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I, Tonya

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What happens when you don't come from the right stock?​ What happens when you aren't accepted? Do you rebel? Do you succeed? Do you whack a fellow skater on the knee? Maybe not.

"iTonya" is the brilliant movie about the life of Tonya Harding. The things that are true in this movie will surprise you, as will the amount of sympathy that comes gushing out for Tonya Harding. Yeah, we were surprised too.

I am fortunate to have as my guests, Dawn, John and Diana to discuss this amazing film about an incredibly talented skater.

Sources used for this episode include:

  1. 'I, Nauseated': The Oregonian's ex-sports columnist nails what the Tonya Harding movie gets wrong

  2. A Fact-checked Guide to I, Tonya

  3. Tonya Harding movie owes its fans an apology

  4. How Margot Robbie Wound Up Skating To ZZ Top's 'Sleeping Bag' In 'iTonya'. 

  5. ‘I, Tonya’ Gets Torn to Shreds by a Reporter Who Covered the Real-Life Incident: ‘This Fantasy Film Is Harding’s Dream Come True’

  6. History vs. Hollywood: "iTonya"











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