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I Should Have Hit Record

What happens when you plan a great episode and forget to hit the record button? You end up with no episodes to release and a date coming up quick. What to do, what to do. I know! Let's do a personal journey episode. If I ever use the term "influencer" please put me out of my misery.​

Usually, we would show our research here. For this episode, I am sharing two files of an interview I did with Wes Craven.







car and see if he will talk to you," the PA said.

We waited outside of his car for a few minutes, and when he hung up his car phone (this was 1988), he got out of the car to find two geeky kids standing there. I told him who I was, asked him if he had a moment for an interview, and he said he did. We talked for a minute-and-a half and he asked me if I wanted to walk with him to continue the interview. 

Below, you will find two files, a raw file of the interview, and the "broadcast ready" version. See how many "ums" you can count in the raw file.

[Biopics (Mostly) Suck does not claim ownership of the information contained in the links above. The intent for providing the links to sources above is to provide due credit.]

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One day as I drove past the football field, I noticed the tell tale signs of a film production - Giant production trucks and and motorhome trailers.

I ran to the radio station and grabbed my tape recorder. I went to the football stadium parking lot to find out what was going on. A production assistant told me that they were making a Wes Craven film. I asked if he would be willing to talk to someone from the college radio station, and the PA said, "You can ask him." I asked, "Where is he?", and the PA pointed to BMW a few parking spots away. "Ask him when he gets out of the

Wes Craven Interview - 1988 - Broadcast
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Wes Craven Interview - Raw - 1988Artist Name
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