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Yup. We are joining (to date) Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Nils Lofgren in removing our content from Spotify in order to make a point about truth.

Truth is what we are about. Our podcast was founded on the principle that the truth matters and that there is real-world harm caused when the truth is set aside.

The truth is that covid still kills and misinformation that is spread by people like Joe Rogan contributes to those deaths.

Just like the film makers we discuss, Joe has a certain responsibility to do no harm. His dismissal of that responsibility seems to be working for him and Spotify if 11 million listeners are to be believed.

We have about 11 million fewer listeners than Joe Rogan has, and I don't expect that removing my podcast from Spotify will cause a blip on the radar, but integrity matters. The truth matters. Doing the right thing matters.

Join us as we tell the true story behind movies based on a true story.

You can find us wherever you go to get your podcasts. Except Spotify.

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