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The Trial Of The Chicago 7

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Aaron Sorkin is back with all his Sorkin-y traits: complete with impassioned monologues and strange asides. It's not the first movie based on a true story he has done (we talked about "Molly's Game" a couple of episodes ago), but the question is, did he do justice to the true story of the Chicago 7? Let's just say some heroes will rise and some heroes will fall as we talk about the movie. Will Aaron Sorkin be one of them?

Part One: In this episode we will talk about the movie, share some behind-the-scenes tidbits and talk about who the Chicago 7 were and what really happened during the demonstrations.

Part Two: Next week, we'll talk about the trial and what happened to the Chicago 7 after the trial ended. It's gonna get heavy.

Sources used for this episode include:

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[Biopics (Mostly) Suck does not claim ownership of the information contained in the links above. The intent for providing the links to sources above is to provide due credit.]

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